Please Enjoy Adam Cayton-Holland’s New Album “Semblance of Normalcy”

When it comes to the blending the “high” and “low” for comedic effect, there are few that are quite as good at it in all of comedy right now as one Adam Cayton-Holland. In fact, he gets more refined and more delightfully salty with every hour that he puts out.

His latest hour, the brand new album Semblance of Normalcy, showcases his painterly attention to detail with grand, sweeping tales from what starts as normal, everyday minutia. Then, Adam expertly mines the perfect moments, the perfect diction, and the perfect twist to spin one hell of a story whether it be about or birdwatching or drinking a Guinness in Ireland. We definitely found ourselves fully immersed into all the worlds of all of his bits and stories throughout the hour, which was a very welcome break from the current reality.

Adam Cayton Holland’s Semblance of Normalcy is out now from Comedy Central Records and be got or streamed wherever you get your favorite comedy albums.