Pick of the Day: The 10 Year Anniversary of the 2012 Apocalypse (in LA) 12/21

Pulling the curtain back here a bit, we’re not huge fans of the holiday seasons. The non-stop mandatory cheer and the slowing down of all things doesn’t sit with us well and makes December more of a month to get through.

Thus, something called “The 10 Year Anniversary of the 2012 Apocalypse” is much more our vibe and thankfully that’s both an actual thing that’s happening and it’s just a very jam packed variety show/party full of great LA indie comedy, music, puppets, last-kiss-of-your-life kissing booth, etc.

Joining in for all our send off will be:

Aubrielle Hvollboll
David Yo-yos
Matthew Goldin and Jay Weingarten
Reshma Meister
Jamie Loftus
Girl God
The Odd Advantage
Eli Farmer
Reshma Meister
Chad Damiani
Emily Browning
Nicole Neighbors

And what a fun early bird price for tickets, $6.66.

The 10 Year Anniversary of the 2012 Apocalypse is set to get going on Wed. Dec. 21st at 8PM at El Cid in Silverlake. Go get your tickets here and get ready for an end to all of this chaos (mostly just the holiday season and not really the world/planet/all life), finally.