Haters Club (in LA)

Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Café 2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States

"Just some healthy adults getting rid of a little negative energy..." Haters Club was started in Chicago in 2018. It's hosted by David Brown (Jury Duty), Danny Catlow (The Bear), and Kate O'Connor (Funny Games). The show originally started as a roast show. While we no longer do a full program of roasting, we certainly keep the hate alive. We don't book bad comedians, only good ones. We actually hate bad comedians. Past performers have included Sarah Sherman, Megan Stalter, […]


Christian Science Theater 3000 (in NYC)

Ridgewood Presbyterian Church 70th Avenue, Queens, NY, United States

Join us for Christian Science Theater! They said God's not Dead, but we'll do our best. Were you forced to watch badly produced Christian movies growing up? Do you wish there was a show that would make fun of all the outlandish claims that religious media makes? Well, look no further than Christian Science Theater 3000! A playful homage to Mystery Science Theater 3000, hosted by David Piccolomini, this show takes a sharp look at some of the worst Christian movies ever […]