The Comedy Bureau is, above all, committed to advancing the art form of Comedy in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and beyond as well as enlightening the general population about the funniest and most creative Los Angeles based comedic performers. For nearly a decade, it has been a widely respected LA comedy institution and central source of information of everything happening throughout Los Angeles comedy whether it be stand-up sketch, improv, film, podcasts, clowns, puppets, etc.

The Comedy Bure was single-handedly founded and is still currently run solely by Jake Kroeger. Nobody knows what’s going in comedy in Los Angeles better than Jake Kroeger. For a decade, he has been in the thick of the LA comedy scene every single night performing, producing, scouting, curating, writing about comedy.

With a reputation as LA’s foremost comedic expert, Jake has written extensively about the art form of comedy at such publications as Vulture, Nerdist, and LA Weekly, consulted at Vin Di Bona Productions and Super Deluxe, produced a comedy album at the Grammy Award winning comedy record label AST Records, and even gives a premium exclusive tour through the LA comedy scene via Airbnb Experiences.

Jake is the rare person with the depth of knowledge and connections and gumption that can actually run an entire bureau by himself. He’s more than happy to do so as he has found a home like no other in comedy.

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